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So yea, xent, xent future, are both worthless.

if you have been watching my github page, you know I've been inactive for quite a long time, during that period, team donut was disbanded and xent was no more. but well, who said I was done coding???? nah, we doing this again folks. BUT, this time the code will be better, this time the language will work properly, this time xent won't be such a nightmare to use.

That's right, xent is getting an upgrade, and a new name.
xent.fx, github wouldn't let me name it that for some weird reason, But moving on!

xent.fx has some drastic changes:

  • the entire language is being reworked, it will no longer be so strange in terms of syntax.
  • plugins will actually be useful.
  • macros will be useful aswell.
  • variables will be added.
  • arrays will be PLANNED.
  • conditions and expressions will be added.
  • It's now going to be coded in c++
  • Literally everything else is being removed that was previously in xent.

now, onto some information about xent.fx that isn't ( not ) related to the changes mentioned above:

  • I have an example of what the code would look like once the first official release is completed.
@use[core] %% import core module

cspace _[] { %% declare main code-space, or where the code will run
  core#log["like my example?"] %% it's just console.log in javascript...
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er yea... that's all i can show for right now, Absolutely none of the code has been written yet. BUT i do need some help, since team donut is no longer around, i do not have a team that could help me. if anyone would like to help with the project, please dm me on discord ( Jonyk56#1929 ).

Moving on, have a nice rest of your week, and lets look forward to summer!

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jonyk56 profile image

this baby is back on de menu!

17lwinn profile image

Yay! Xent is back!