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The Story And Creation of HTML DB

So, this is an extremely awesome little article i decided to make, not only to celebrate html-db being 1 year old since its creation.... but, to celebrate its rewrite!

so, the story starts off here... I had just learned to code, and I was curious as heck ( as any teenager is/was ), so i decided.... why not try to make my own database package for nodejs! and out came the idea of html-db, a very crappy, bulky, and broken package, that stayed that way for over 10 months since 0.0.2... during that time, html-db had many issues I was not willing to fix, so, html-db was shut down. not having any updates for 4 whole months, I decided it was time for a full rewrite, this time, a version that actually works, version 3.0.2, a fully functioning, database comprised of map classes, and "Tables". the true idea of html-db was to be usable on the client side of web pages, and now that the dream is achieved, html db can finally enter the stage as a high scale database package.

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