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;-; Xent future?

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yea, xent is no longer xent, it is now Xent Future! So, I'm bored with school, and I got absolutely nothing to do, so, I think about new projects I can start, and Xent comes to mind... why? 2 months, no updates! 2 months, no patches! 2 months, I-spent-a-month-thinking-of-ways-to-destroy-a-USB-drive updates! Ok, we get the point! now, why is this now "Xent Future"? Because I said so, and it will be updated on a bi-monthly basis ( tip: that is every 2 weeks! ), so, Now then, usually xent is kept kinda without a package manager and such, WELL let's GET RID OF THAT, after today, our lovely co-dev @17lwinn ( on Github ), will be working on a package manager for xent, FULL TIME, and this manager will be one of the best ever (it will also act a lot like pnpm, because yet again, I said so! ) this new manager will make xent 20x easier to use and provide boilerplates to start with!

Please note that all packages should be developed in python, but for let's say "script headers", a new feature that mimics the include tag of c++, or the require function of javascript, to allow you to append some nice, beautiful code to the top of the xent file!

Ok, back to business now that I revealed plans of a package manager, We will be having over 6 new features that will Plague our existance improve the functionality of Xent altogether. this also includes the feature of abandoning lua edition because plugins are broken Script Headers cough definitely not an idea stolen from c/c++/js/java/PHP/almost-every-language-in-existence... because these are not plugins, these are headers, things that get ran right at that moment ( the whole file ), right where the script was called.

"so what other things did you add?". We removed all of the unnecessary files ( including the cli, sorry @17lwinn ! it had to be done, just, make the package manager. it'll suit ya well! ) and, now we are left with the bare bones of 2.0 ( not 2.0.2, I reverted that ). But, that isn't all! We also removed a pesky feature... @hold! So, now then, no more of that darn if-then lag we get from that part of the code, but, we still have a language to make, and our age old enemy to defeat, DEBUGGING'

tl;dr Xent is now named Xent Future, and has new features, and is no longer crappy, and is still going after the age-old enemy, DEBUGGING

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