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Arvis: cross-platform launcher compatible with alfred-workflow

Have you ever felt like trying to use some useful Alfred's workflows in Windows or Ubuntu?

At least, I often had felt like that I wanna use make and use workflows in other OS.

When I made some Alfred workflows, I felt that some workflows might be used enough in other OS with a little code change.

So I started to making Arvis.

Arvis works in cross-platform.

It is built with Electron, react, iohook, robotjs.. and other awesome libs.

Arvis is a project I'm working on by myself and the quality is not that high compared to Alfred.

(still, lots of unexpected bugs should be fixed)

You must be disappointed if you expect Alfred's awesome features to current Arvis

But I'm keeping on fixing bugs, thinking of interesting ideas.

If you're interested, I'd appreciate leaving me any kind of feedback.

Overview homepage:

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