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The Job Search

As someone who is a little over a month into his job search for his first tech job - I have noticed that there are multiple moving parts, and perhaps should be treated more like guidelines, to put yourself in a good position to find a job: networking, a portfolio, and a solid online presence. The others which are universally true are having a solid resume. All these pieces are variables to an equation that should result in getting a job, so we're told.

I have seen early success where I got an in-person interview but ended up not getting the job - pretty deflating. As I am back to putting in resumes and getting no response after no response, it's hard to evaluate what's worked and what hasn't. What did that first company find attractive that other companies do not? What am I lacking (besides 10 years of experience) that I can't be getting consistent responses from entry-level roles and furthermore, why is it so hard find clear cut entry-level roles when I'm finding more senior-level positions with the exact experience I have spent three months being trained with? It's an endless recursive loop that just does not end.

My job search:

int jobsearch(experience) {
if(experience <= 1)
return (experience - 1)

I do however believe that in addition to the job search being a numbers game, the two other ideas I keep in mind are: it'll happen if I'm good enough, and if companies have an opening they are looking to fill a need. So for me, it's a matter of getting past that unwelcoming, but all too common rejection email that immediately stops any promise of getting a job. Believe me, I am writing this last paragraph with a grain of optimism. I do believe in the law of attraction, so as long as I keep putting my effort into a job search, it will happen.

Until then it will be a cycle of rejection after rejection, trying to find a home to develop my new skills.

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