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Hackathon update #1

So it has been about two weeks since the kick of of the hackathon and I created a template post of my application idea - which I will update once it is complete I think.

How's it going?

Not too bad, I've got most of my major screens working:

  • Create Organization
  • Create Event
  • View Organization
  • View Event
  • Authentication

What have I got left?

  • Permission stuff..... a lot of permission stuff
  • Tests (yeah I should have done this from the start)
  • Need to get it deployed (this will happen after the auth stuff probably
  • Need to complete the integration with twilio - which I have in the code I just need to hook up the account id's and such

Any regrets so far?

I feel I may have bitten off a little too much - everytime I think about the project I find more stuff to do, but progress seems steady, I may if it is coming close to the deadline may need to cut some of the features I was talking about but right now? It seems okay but a little dauting

Take a look

I'm not shy here's the repo:

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