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Twilio Hackathon - Artemis

What I built

One thing that the open source initiative does right is to tell people how they can help with repositories, you go onto a repository and there is an "issues" tab right there! One thing I've always struggled with is the fact that I want to help causes but never know how to do it, what active drives have they got on? How can I help specifically.

That's why I want to build a website that will allow organisers to a page dedicated to them! They will be able to list all of the information about upcoming events, timed events or persistent things that they need help with.

One good example I have in mind is:

I am a homeless shelter
We need donations be it food, clothes or blankets and I would like people in an area to be aware of the fact that we are running low

Here's my plan
Minmum viable product:

  • Companies/charities can sign up and have a goal i.e. x amount of money to fix a roof.

  • Volunteers will be able to sign up and help with the causes by donating time/money/effort towards the cause.

  • We can "ping" people about events in their area via text.

Demo Link

Link to Code

GitHub logo joro550 / Artemis

Volunteer for events in your area


Artemis, in Greek religion, the goddess of wild animals, the hunt, and vegetation, and of chastity and childbirth;

Master branch: .NET Core

Develop branch: .NET Core

License: License

What is this?

This is a project that I am going to submit for the hackathon in association with twilio on 2020-04.

Quick intro

Right now the world has it's mind on COVID-19 how can you help? But looking beyond and forward how do we help the homeless the starving, how do we fix global warming. This project is to help people who want to help with all of these causes and more, oganizations can create events that they are currently running i.e. Donate to fix a curch roof, and have a quick "call to action" that people can use to donate to help that event.

Updates can be published to events to share how progress is coming along so that people are informed with…

How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

C# back end and c# front end with blazor/webassembly.

Things I have learned: for the past couple of years I've been watching the blazor framework very closely so when the oppertunity came to use it in a hackathon? I thought I'd give it a good go at creating a website with it, and I fell in love immediately. I have learned a lot about the framework and how to interact with the framework.

Additional Resources/Info

COVID-19 is obivously on everyones mind right now and it is affecting us all, we need to help those most in need by shipping resources and donations to them, but we need to think bigger than COVID, bigger than any one major disaster. We need to think about how we respond as a people, and how we can support local and not so local charities that are on the front lines of dealing with unfair situations every day.

People that are willing to help will have actionable, tangable things that they can do - with (hopefully) a simple web interface they will be able to sign up and help within a matter of minutes.

Quick video explaination and demonstration:


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Bernard Baker

So which Twilio API might you use? Will you integrate another service like Eventbrite to handle event management?

Did you know that it's advised to only have online events for the time being?

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Mark Davies

Text mesage. Probably not. yes