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Not blogging/sharing content online.

Timeframe: 2004-05

My first job was to be a TA at a .NET 3-month bootcamp. During lab week, I'd assist students with their project assignments to apply everything they had learn during that week.

(Note: 80% of students = 5yrs+ exp developers leveling up their skill set).

Most students had no or very little HTML knowledge and struggled on their ASP.NET Webforms project.

After answering the same questions over and over, I created a through HTML/CSS tutorial. It had explicit details for anyone to follow.

It was a huge hit with the students, and so damn successful it became part of the school's regular curriculum. 🎆

One of the instructors (and later my mentor) asked me to present it to his class. And I did. (I presented it to every class afterwards)

Later, he encouraged me to create a blog and post it online.

But I was 22-23 with huge self-confidence issues. 😔

Who would read this? I'm not good enough. People will make fun of me and my tutorial.

My belief, my perception inside my head, that others would make fun of me won.

I never created that blog.

If you got something, anything to share, put it up online and share it!

Most people want you to succeed and get better at it.

So, get blogging/writing/sharing today! 😃

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