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How long does a great presentation takes to put together? 🤔

Answer: A long freaking time.

Hmmmmm...that's kind of vague. So, let's use more a concrete number: 12 hours.

At least, that's how far it has taken my buddy Arthur Doler to put his next awesome talk together.

So, why 12 hours?

  • Is it a magical number?
  • Am I in love with number 12?
  • Is it the meaning of life?

No, to all of the above.

Arthur committed to record his journey on streaming his talk preparation.

And, as of this post, he has 12 hours of recording!

Intimidated no more

It takes time to put a great talk together. It's not easy and a lot of work.

I hope you realize that even seasoned speakers have to go thru this every time they are putting a new talk together.

It's normal.

If you are currently working on a talk, keep on going!

Appreciation for speakers

Arthur's work reminds me to appreciate the time, effort, and energy put into each of their talks.

It's humbling to realize how much goes into a 45-min or 1-hour talk.

They make it look easy...the sign of a master.

Thank you to all the speakers out there.


Watch my buddy Arthur Doler on as records the creation of his new talk.

Can't make it live? Watch his recording.

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