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Discussion on: Moving Past Tutorials: 8 Tips for Problem Solving

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Josh Cheek

A possible 9th (it's similar to #8, but not quite the same): repeat what you learned in the tutorial without referencing it. You can reference if you need, but then do it again _^ After you've finished the tutorial, you've gotten past most of the hurdle for that material, but only gotten a small amount of its value. If you do it again, there will be much less hurdle and just as much value (b/c the first time, you're struggling with the procedure, so it's hard to see the big picture). Each time you do it, it will get easier (unless it's been a while), and you'll have opportunities to gain insights you weren't previously in a position to see.

If you do a tutorial once, then you should do it at least 2 more times since the cost of those 2 times will be lower than the one you've already spent, and the understanding you'll build will be higher than what you've already gained.

IME, anyway _^