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"First of all, I am not doing any work" – A sentiment I can agree with. Work at work, not after work. There is always more work, but unless you're saving lives or are specifically "on-call" it can wait until tomorrow.


Thats usually my argument as well. Nobody will die, if something waits until tomorrow. Even IF I am going to look for a bug right now, it will take some time until it is fixed, tested and put into production. So there is usually no reason, why it could not wait another few hours until I start.

Sometimes I have a spontaneous idea about something. But I just write me an email to my work address with just enough to remember it the next day. This is already enough
for me, to put it back out of my head.


"just write me an email to my work address" – another good little tip to get something off your mind, but be perfectly reminded once back at work. This is something I do occasionally too.

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