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I'm 15 and made a 😴 bedtime calculator with React JS

joshternyak profile image Josh Ternyak ・1 min read

Ever wake up feeling groggy, even though you thought you had enough sleep? It turns out that by timing your wake up time based on REM cycles, you can wake up more refreshed and more productive.

This got me thinking, why don't I put my front-end web development skills to the test and build a tool that will help people, especially coders who are known for working late at night know when they should go to bed depending on when they want to wake up?

So, I built a bedtime calculator: sleepsources.com/bed-time-calculator with React JS, CSS, and some HTML for the landing page.

I would love anyone's feedback, and I think it's a useful tool because it will help anyone who uses it calculate when they should go to bed by choosing a time when they want to wake up.


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Nice idea Josh and it think it would help if you host it online and add the link in your post so people can see it and give you feedback. You can deploy it to Netlify. Its free


Thanks Brayden.

Wow, it looks beautiful. I like all the explanations of why you need to sleep for the amount of time required and also the difference options for when to sleep. Great job