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Check if a string contains special characters java

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In this article, you will learn how to check special characters present in a string. I am going to explain simply about the string class methods used to check special characters without using regex.


  • In order to check the non- alphanumeric characters in any given string, I am using a basic approach without any regex class.
  • In the example, I have taken a demo input with some special characters in it to make you understand that my code works well.
  • I have also taken the specialcharacters in a string because we need to find the special characters in a string.
  • By using for loop I have cross-checked each and every character in the given string with all the specialcharcaters string.
  • If it contains a special character, then it returns an output statement that the given string has a special character in it.
  • Else it checks for the condition whether the character index value equals to the total string length, then it indicates zero special characters in the string. Read more

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