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[solved] How to update php version from cpanel

jovialcore profile image Chidiebere Chukwudi Originally published at Updated on ・2 min read

Often, people do encounter outdated-php-version error warnings that arouses concerns as to what steps to take that will remedy the situation.

Deprecated php version error warnings can result to plugins and themes incompatibility for cms users like wordpress, etc.

Here is a quick and straight forward guide to upgrade low php version to a higher version from cpanel

First, login your cpanel area/dashboard.

Next, navigate to the section where you will see Multiphpmanager

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The next action is to click the check box for the domain you want to upgrade your php version to then select the php version by clicking on the dropdown towards your right then click APPLY

update php version

Afterwards, go back to your cpanel dashboard then navigate to the section where you have Select php version...

update php version will be redirected to another interface-- this is where you will set the configuration so that user's website will use the version set in CloudLinux PHP Selector manager.

update php version

So click on the Use PHP Selector, you'll should see a pop-up, press confirm..

We are done !!!

You can go back to your website to see the effect on your site.

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