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Software project internationalization - quick look

Localization in mobile/web applications

The most important thing in any software translation process is localization. While introducing your mobile or web app or any other product to another market, it’s important to adjust it for the particular location.
Localization is the process of targeting your product for specific group of users, defined by their location. In other words, the product or service you provide will be more suitable for a particular country or area thanks to the localization.

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Why should I focus on localization?

Localization significantly improves user experience by making texts in your app more readable and understandable for particular group of users - they can react with the product more naturally, in the environment they know and feel good with, which brings only good results for your product. More languages you offer in your product, more users and customers you can attend.
Translation with localization included, brings many more benefits to the final product than with a simple translation of the text. Moreover, localization gives your product a soul, like it's designed specifically for a group of users in specific location.
Localization is in opposition to one universal product designed for everyone. It refines and adapts content for local needs which makes the product more suitable for specific recipients. As a result, you can create a unique relationship between your product or company and the person who is using it.

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How localization works?

Localization is based on adapting the content to the product recipient. It means that instead of using simple translation, you need to search deeper, understand the language culture of your users. It's important to notice, that a word in English translated to another language, may have more than one meaning and very often it can't be translated literally. Therefore, it's crucial to understand different cultures and language differences to localize the product successfully so it’s as familiar as possible for the users.
Another example are symbols which may have different meaning in different languages and cultures. Furthermore, there are multiple variations of languages. As an example, Spanish is different in Madrid, in Malaga and in Buenos Aires or Bogotá. Words in the same language may have totally different meaning used in different parts of the world. That's why the localization is important - you want users to react positively to your product, accordingly to the way you designed it to be.

Why localization is important?

  • Improves customer satisfaction. Localization shows to your customers that they are important for you and you take care of them by providing with the product that’s adjusted for their culture, customs and needs.
  • Helps increase customers base and expand your business.
  • Improves your SEO.

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Should I use localization tools?

There are multiple tools on the Internet that will help you automatize the process of localization. See below how exactly they work:

  • They help you automatize the process of translation and localization and deliver product faster for specific locations
  • You can control the whole translation and localization progress in one app
  • Changes can be deployed with one click so they are updated immediately
  • You can easily track all changes in translations and see previous versions
  • They give you an option to translate for multiple languages
  • Easy interface helps translators to focus more on the localization
  • You can work with your team on multiple projects at the same time, online
  • They optimize your workflow
  • and much more!

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Get your free trial account on SimpleLocalize to check all the features and test it on your product!

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