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Audio Processing Services

For a while now I have been working on different stream processing projects, one of them is related to the audio industry, that for some obscure reason seems to be forgotten.

We hear daily advertisment, Games, E-Learning platforms, and instructional videos but we never think on how much work doing all that audio can cost.

Digging deeper into the pains of audio editing, I discover that at a bareminimun cutting big audio wav files is truly a pain.

For example one of the average work for an audio engineer is to get this huge file where a voice over records and cut silence between sentences, cut gazillions of files and number them to better organize the script or work.

This can be tedious.... and super frustrating, time consuming and many other good adjetives.

For that reason I started to create a microservice that will take a .wav file, use python3 ML, detect silence, cut it, compress it and return it back to the user.

The main idea to cut editing time, but also make use of Golang net/http with tls support (generated with letsecrypt), Python 3 tornado API, templating and embedded database (using bbolt).

You can see a working (super alpha) demo here

Of course in the case you take a look... be kind, it's in a super alpha state.

Can only accept wav files and should be super fast returning the zip file wiht the chooped audio.

If anybody is interested please PM me, or ask me, will be happy to help.


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