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Identifying as a male software engineering student, soon graduate.

I think your developer type and your passion can depend on why you entered the field in the first place.
I originally wanted to be an architect but didn't share the same passion as designers. I wanted to solve problems creatively, and my newfound passion with building gaming computers and modding my favorite video games was a gateway to development. For a large amount of male developers in their teens, this is what ignites their interest.
A more design or detail oriented developer very likely has more creatively outletted hobbies, and those hobbies are far closer to that of design or arts fields, so I find it natural that these developers feel distant from others.
I will share that often times I have many other hobbies first, but then development will seep into it. Computers enable the most infinite possibilities, so it usually happens naturally, making my Multi-passionate hobbies seem to all lead to development, but I don't see it that way.
Examples: I love hi-fi headphones, and trading card games. A trading card game played in person can be simulated with programs now to practice when your friends aren't around, and it even allows for digital multiplayer with my friends across the country.
Audio is a very hardware related field, but I love to contribute to sites that compare headphone sound signatures as well as headphone forum reviews.
To me, most of my hobbies all funnel back to development and the internet in one way or another.


I am definetely lucky that a number of my interets overlap with programming as well. I love making games and a lot of my personal and side projects involve making games. Also because of my different passions I can make a game by myself because I know how to make art and how to write a story. I have other hobbies that don't fit in as well though, but maybe I could try to fit them in with a bit more effort. Writing and art are discussed on the internet all the time but I feel like a lot of artists and writers still spend most of their time working on their own, without as much influence from technology.

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