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JS Bits with Bill
JS Bits with Bill

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JS Quirk: Element IDs are global variables!

Here's an interesting quirk I recently discovered:

Any HTML element containing an id creates a global variable of the same name.

Let's start with our HTML:

    <h1 id="title">Hello World</h1>
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This is what we'll see in the console when we reference window.title:

There's some interesting behavior with this though. You can overwrite this variable as you'd expect:

But let's say we deleted our <h1> element and added another with the same id. Would this overwrite the global variable again?

It does not! 😮

That's probably a good thing since this would probably cause many a confused developer!

Although I couldn't locate the documentation for this quirk in the DOM specification, this behavior appears consistent across Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Interesting!

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