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Discussion on: AWS Lambda SQS events with Serverless Framework

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Juan Siesquen

I just re-created the sender.js and it goes well. I think he wrote something wrong. The important thing is that I could check how the data exchange between lambda and SQS works. Thank you!

Only a tiny addition:
if (err) {
console.log('error:', "failed to send message" + err);
responseCode = 500;
responseBody = err;

I did not understand the concurrency part yet. If my Lambda has more than 2000 records to send to SQS, I will send them one by one to the queue. I think the lambda will take a long time, can I send batch queues? Each record is a message to the queue.

Maybe it illuminates us with an additional post about this?

Thank you so much Marcin!

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Marcin Piczkowski Author

you are allowed to send at most 10 messages in single batch

I would delegate this task to multiple lambdas if you need to send batches concurrently to speedup.