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re: Here's my two cents (rounded to a nickel since Canadian pennies are no more...): Tailwind is super useful as opposed to a lot of other frameworks,...

Just a minor thing, but I believe Tailwind's @apply is a PostCSS directive, even if Sass provided that directive first.

Definitely agree something like Purgecss is needed. Love Tailwind, but I'd have a hard time shrinking my production CSS otherwise with the shear number of variants.


You're right, of course (since Tailwind needs PostCSS to function properly for most applications). I use Nuxt, so I'm used to over-abstraction to the point where "it just works", so I tend to forget where things actually come from.

Nuxt is pretty awesome too (even though I haven't gotten to use it extensively yet). Love Vue!

Also, no worries. Was mainly mentioning for others who would read. I'm really glad Tw has this directive too. I haven't yet, but I have some Vue components I'm thinking of taking the Tw classes from and turning into CSS componentsβ€”small things that make sense now that I've used Tw on this one project for a while. This directive will really come in handy in this case.


PurgeCSS is a must with tailwind. They actually added it as a built in feature in the latest release so it's super easy to get it up and running now.

I think this actually gives them a one-up on bootstrap now too as it does now mean that the out of the box compiled production css is far smaller than bootstraps.

Ah, I see! Thanks for the heads-up (I've been using 1.3, so I didn't catch that update). You got a point there; Tailwind + Purge (especially now that there's first-party support for the integration) is a winning combination.

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