You want HOW MANY years experience?!

James on October 25, 2018

This is something I whipped up last night and today at lunch, inspired by some recent complaints here on dev.to about recruiters. It's a tool for ... [Read Full]
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Reminds me of a funny story a coworker told me. He was interviewing someone for the position of Elixir consulting; basically we needed someone to vet certain choices we were going to make.

He's grilling this guy on Elixir and he's good, my coworker says. The meeting ends and later in the day he tells the team all about it.

Turns out he was grilling Jose Valim, Elixir's creator hahahahahaha

This is a story I'm never going to forget I still laugh about it.


That's hilarious. Very chill of Jose Valim not to say "you're asking me about Elixir!?"


Has he got the job?


Regardless, they should have sent him a rejection just to mess with him, haha!


a list of pull requests

They are coming in faster than I can merge them. This is way beyond what I expected for an off-the-cuff joke.


Obvious proof of a clear success :D


Ha! This is great! I saw a perfect example of this just last week... a job ad asking for a 'senior' developer with '5+ years' working with React Native... but React Native was only released 3 years ago!!!


How do you feel about different versions of frameworks/libraries? E.g. Drupal 8 is a completely different beast than all previous versions. If I want a Drupal 8 developer, somebody who knows Drupal from the start is not necessarily the right fit, if he/she didn't do anything in Drupal 8 yet.


Good question!

I think in the example you've given, it's worth listing them separately.

To be honest, I would never expect a recruiter to take this page at all seriously, but if you were using it to find Drupal 8 developers, and experience with Drupal 8 is key, then it makes sense for them to be split out.


Thanks for the quick reply!
I think this tool is gonna start living a life of it's own, so I'd anticipate on that by defining some guidelines, if you have the time to do that.
It is mostly cool because now I can just reference a site when recruiters call me with impossible demands :D

I think this tool is gonna start living a life of it's own

What have I done?

It's alive!

That's a really good idea, though, I'll try to carve out some time for it.

Thanks, Dieter!


Except for the job I mentioned there: I had no Drupal 8 experience on my resume.

But I was better at it than anyone they had employed before. Years of experience doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Yes and no. If you'd had to choose between somebody that knew a framework inside/out or somebody with no experience, you'd choose the first person anytime like most recruiters/interviewers probably would. Unless you have similar and relevant experience, like e.g. for Drupal 8, it would be Symfony mostly.


Tell me about it. I've been a contract Drupal developer for 11 years (started on the tail end of Drupal 5).

Drupal 8 is awesome. I love it (thank you, Symfony!).

My first D8 job was taking over a project that was the most appalling hack. Clearly written by someone who was clueless about how D8 does things. The guy was using D6 techniques.

So I did my best, tried to move the site to proper D8 while doing all the fixes and new implementation work. Then I had to brief one of the permie Drupal staff on the site - this person was also completely clueless about D8.

"You know how the config works, right?" "Features?" "NO!"

"How about services? Controllers? Events and subscribers?" [Blank look]

(I did not lose my cool at the time, of course, but really?)

I take my job seriously but I was lucky to get the job at all, because "no Drupal 8 experience".


Yeah, we mostly look for D8 experience, but we'd also look at Symfony or other OO framework experience. I'm not the best interviewer, but I can usually spot when somebody's bullshitting his way through an interview. So if somebody knows the concepts that are important in D8 (Dependency injection anyone), they should be fine.

I hate when people don't know something and just start hacking instead of educating themselves. I work in an architect function now, so my development skills are waning, and I'm so happy I have a team of devs who have my back and are patient with my questions :)

It's a good thing you kept your cool and I'm glad you got that job. Keep on being patient and educating people, the programming world needs it :)


Great concept and execution!

Had this issue recently when applying for a few positions and they were asking for 5-6 years of React and Redux experience, while React has only been out for 5 (Redux is 4 I think) -- so they were basically looking for the earliest adopters of the library.

I wonder if people even know what they're asking for sometimes.


hhh that cool thing , can you add some php framworks ? i will take this website in every interview i go.


I will probably add frameworks as I think of them, sure! In the meanwhile, feel free to submit a pull request with any frameworks you're interested in! It'll get you closer to that t-shirt if you're doing hacktoberfest at all.


Just submitted a PR for CakePHP!

Thanks! I merged it in. :)

Perfect. Yours was also the 5th PR I needed for Hacktoberfest!


Masterfully done. As they used to say "small is beautiful", and your small app does everything it is meant to, nothing more, nothing less


Thank you. :)

small is beautiful

Words to live by.


This is hilarious! Nice!


This is great work. Keep it up! Projects like this are cool and useful.


But how will employers get H1B visas by complaining they can't find someone with the required experience now?


I love this! Greater use and tryout of CRA. Maybe add JavaScript versions as well?



Monetization is going to be EASY! ;)


Good job on creating something which can spiral out of control. I hope you freed up some time to refactor your data source construction and to manage the hundreds of PRs 😀


Good and simple idea. I already made my contribution, please check my NativeScript PR ;)


We want someone with 4+ years of experience in Gatsby and React Native hahaha


React for this? Over-engineered a tad?


The objective was to use create-react-app. He used create-react-app. Engineered to perfection!




You can't get ten years of experience in React unless you start using it today!


Exactly, good point :))

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