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setup free professional email domain for your web apps with link to gmail


So you have a hobby project? and you want a custom email domain tailored to your app niche? Good news! you don’t need to buy a web hosting or a domain!, With which offers a lot of custom email domains for free you can easily create a professional looking email for your projects. But where is this good for? Well that really depends on you, but in my scenario i wanted to send email confirmation to users who registered to my app, using gmail alone wasn’t good enough for me because i wanted the email to look professional. So what i did is hooked up my account to my gmail account.

Heres what it looks like
preview of email


Go and register first to and choose the email domain best suited for your need.

Linking to your gmail.

Open your gmail and click the gear icon at top right corner then click on settings and choose the Accounts and Imports tab, Now for the Send email as click add another email address and this should open a new window simply input your desired name and the email address you registered at and make sure you checked the ‘Treat as an alias’ Just click next, enter your registered account detail and set the smtp server as with port 587.

setup format

After you confirm, google will send you a verification code to your account so go and get the code there. Once you verified yourself go back to gmail setting for the Send email as make your account as a dfault email.

setup format

Now you should be able to send emails using your account directly from gmail! and you can use this email for your web apps just like i did!

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