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Hi Robin,

Thanks for the tutorial!

I managed to get Evolution up & running but I'm facing a problem related to gnome-keyring-daemon, which prevents me from storing my credentials and, in turn, login into my account. In Evolution I get the following error:

"Error calling StartServiceByName for org.freedesktop.secrets: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ExecFailed: Failed to execute program org.freedesktop.secrets: Operation not permitted"

If I open a terminal into the container and try to execute the daemon by hand I get:

root@96c2c004a2cb:~# gnome-keyring-daemon
bash: /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon: Operation not permitted
root@96c2c004a2cb:~# echo $?

Any ideas?


Hi Juan,

from what I know gnome-keyring needs an active GDM session - which we don't have in this case.

Please try to attach these lines to /etc/pam.d/login:

auth optional
session optional auto_start

The daemon needs to be running. Either use --daemonize or run the following command:

gnome-keyring-daemon --login

Maybe you need your password (of the ubuntu user):

echo -n "somewildpasswrd" | gnome-keyring-daemon --login

I did not test it because I switched my work notebook also to linux but please try this and let me know :)


Hi Robin,

Thank you for your answer.

I tried the steps you suggested, but to no avail. I added the following lines to the Dockerfile:

RUN echo "auth optional" >> /etc/pam.d/login
RUN echo "session optional auto_start" >> /etc/pam.d/login

But it did not make any difference. I also tried to execute gnome-keyring-daemon with the options you mentioned, but it keeps failing with "Operation not permitted" and exit code 126:

root@bd0d9115600d:/# gnome-keyring-daemon --login
bash: /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon: Operation not permitted
root@bd0d9115600d:/# gnome-keyring-daemon --daemonize
bash: /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon: Operation not permitted
root@bd0d9115600d:/# echo -n "notmypassword" | gnome-keyring-daemon --login
bash: /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon: Operation not permitted

I even found the command D-Bus uses to start the daemon and tried to use it on my own, but again no luck:

root@bd0d9115600d:/# cat /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.freedesktop.secrets.service
[D-BUS Service]
Exec=/usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon --start --foreground --components=secrets
root@bd0d9115600d:/# /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon --start --foreground --components=secrets
bash: /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon: Operation not permitted

I ended up firing up a Vagrant box over VirtualBox to get this working, since my goal was not to use it on a daily basis, but merely makin a PoC of using Evolution and the evolution-ews plugin with Outlook in Office 365 with MFA enabled (something you cannot do in Thunderbird, for example). My PoC was successful, BTW! :)

Sad this didn't work out, it was neater using Docker :(

Thank you for your help!

Hi Juan,

you're welcome! Good to see your POC worked out! :)
I took an hour to do some research on this and it seems like more people are encountering this limitation. Even Docker is not intended to do such things, it would be really nice to use it.

I agree with you that vagrant is a way but Docker would be much nice to use :)

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