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Discussion on: How to Get Un-Stuck

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Juan F Gonzalez

I think I got the biggest amount of roadblocks, spinning my wheels and getting stuck last year doing Android development. The most frustrating experience I've had in my career so far cuz it was a mix of not having the right tools, not knowing the environment, not having anyone close to ask things to and having a quite short-for-the-project-scope deadline.

I'll keep these steps somewhere handy next time I encounter another block, think I naturally do most of these already but it only happens after the first 6 hours of struggle and head banging against the desk.

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Sophie DeBenedetto Author

So true that it’s easier to follow steps like this after your first 6 hours of head banging! Just yesterday I was stuck on such a frustrating bug and only at the end of the day did I force myself to step back, relax and look at it with fresh eyes. Which is when I finally solved it :)