[Go] Speed up your refactoring with GoLand

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This is a video demo, how to use different refactoring feature in GoLand to speed up you productivity when doing refactor.

Original example is from "extract variable" section of refactoring 2/e.
Rewriting it with golang.

Code smells:

  1. magic number
  2. comments don't match code behavior

Refactoring features:

  1. extract variable(ctrl+alt+v)/ extract const(ctrl+alt+c)
  2. extract method(ctrl+alt+m)
  3. inline variable(ctrl+alt+n)
  4. move method to struct(manual)
  5. move struct and receiver functions(F6)

more useful features in GoLand: top 25 editing features of goland

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Wow, generating test is amazing. If you would explain during the demo would be great and easy to follow. Great work :).


Hi Arber, thanks for your suggestion. If next time I make new video demo, will try to add explanation.

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