Best Tech GIFs & Memes Ever! Humour and Laughter — The Best Medicine!

Julia Torrejón on December 13, 2018

Following Molly's post: Describe Your Job With a GIF! ... [Read Full]
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GitHub logo thepracticaldev / orly-full-res

Full resolution images of the O RLY book covers made by The Practical Dev


I can relate to some of them, unfortunately...😂😂😂

Essential: Copying and Pasting from Stack Overflow
Memorising Six Git Commands
Expert: Pretending to Know About Stuff


Lecturer open the spell book (1-inch) and spell some magic (something like System.out.print)


The Computer Facts Twitter Account killlllls me


Pick any two...

  1. On Time
  2. On Budget
  3. Or Works

I haven't come across that account before, but I'm definitely going to follow it right now! 😃


Just a couple that keep coming back to me... :-)

Task oh no



Every time something broke or when someone come in rushing in the OP saying something is wrong :D


Just one day left to the deadline, and still have changes to implement :D

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