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Discussion on: Using React Central State to Simplify Your App

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Hey. Newbie here.

What's the difference of this library from React Context API? TIA

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Eduardo Gomes Author

-The Context API lets you create a relationship between one data provider and multiple data consumers.

-Central State kicks the state out of all react components and lets them read and change its properties.

-With Context, either you create a new container for each shared property, or you wrap all properties on the context object. -> But then be ready for a lot useless re-rendering.

-Central State dispatched updates on subscribed properties changing, not the whole state, and also gives you control over them on shouldcomponentupdate().

-With only React Context, if you need to change a state property inside a consumer component, you'll have to define a new function embedded in the context itself.
This may have the advantage of isolating concerns like mutating the state -making it easier to debug- but it also gives you lot of extra work.

Well that's my view on it, at least.
But I like this library mostly because of its simplicity.

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Aviral Kulshreshtha

that answer demystified it for me! thanks! I'm surely gonna try this out in smaller projects, that don't need redux & redux-saga or Apollo, etc

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Omri Gabay

Thanks, came in here to ask this.