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Discussion on: What does it take to be a senior developer?

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Justin Lam • Edited on

I believe a senior engineer is more than just technical prowess. It is more than how many languages, best practices, or frameworks you know. I would say it's all about attitude. A senior engineer owns their work. Most engineers do what they are told, do the specific work, and hand it in like it is homework. A senior engineer takes full ownership of their work. They will deep dive into the problem, understand how their work fits in the system, understand what value their work brings to the business, and support their work after completion. Senior engineers have an attitude of growth for the business, such as seeking out how to make the business more efficient through technology, mentor and guide junior engineers and other senior engineers. A senior engineer owns their career, they are constantly learning and constantly trying to teach and help others around them.

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Roderick Fung

I can be a senior given this criteria.

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This is BY FAR the best description I have ever come across of what a senior engineer is.

I used to have intense arguments with so-called managers about the importance of ownership and why you shouldn't treat engineers like replaceable cog wheels.

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David J Eddy

I want to hug you right now; this is poetry.

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same - i'm a senior on my team and my younger engineers often have a technical edge on me but our projects and our communication and our initiatives fall on me <3 i'm new to it and i'm loving the heck out of it.