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Azure 403.14 Debug Tips

Scenario: Having pushed the latest changes to your Azure App Service WebSite, you are met with this message:

HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden

The options are that first you must go to the logs of the site. You clearly understand something is missing but cannot understand what to do to fix it.

Good News
Your local copy of the code is still good! If you are using Git, then all the code there is as current as your last push/pull request.

More Good News
The quickest way to 'totally' reset your website is to delete it and recreate it.

Alt Text

Next, compile latest code and push deployment to Azure. Everything just works!

Root Cause
We had been creating new DevOps instances as well as functions, somewhere along the line a push to Azure wiped out something. After some investigation, the deep-dive was too much so we just recreated the web site. It takes about 5 minutes to accomplish. Just make sure to name the new appservice the same as the old for the URLs to stay that same.

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