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Discussion on: React vs Angular vs Vue.js — What Is the Best Choice in 2021?

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John Peters

For the record, Angular.js was a disaster, way to opinionated, it captured Javascript but denied it's growth. It's injection system ruled the world and it didn't support the ES6 module systems. But that was many years ago.

Just recently Angular 11.0 was released and the team at Google has radically changed the framework since the Angular.js days, focusing on top priority items. They've made too many improvements to list since that first release. Angular 11 is nothing at all the same as Angular.js was. I wished they'd change the name to get away from the Angular.js name.

Also, to say React isn't opinionated is a stretch. I believe it's highly opinionated and one of the reasons I dislike it. However, its popularity makes it a must have skill in 2021.