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John Peters
John Peters

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Visual Studio 2022 and .NET Maui

It doesn't work as billed.

After downloading VS2022 preview, and doing all of the Maui co-installs. I thought I was all set up, in fact the Maui-Check program reported the environment was ready to go.

Creating the new Maui solution

Using the (dotnet cli) method of creating a new maui solution:

dotnet new maui -n HelloMaui

The solution was created but the run failed!

Wasted time

I spent an hour getting Visual Studio 2022 loaded, then went on for another 45 minutes loading up all the MAUI non sense (warning Java's back and you'll get prompts that your Java isn't up to date from now on, every day!)


For me it's too early but what's worse is that it's billed as being ready. Doesn't MSFT have a QA team? Apparently not.


Shame on Microsoft.

thumbs down

I have 30 years in IT with at least 15 in WPF. I'm skeptical regarding Maui or trusting in MSFT.

Think Silverlight, WPF, WinUI, the un-embeddable WebBrowser, Windows 8, the horrible IE which stunk up the universe for over 10 years. This is Maui today. Microsoft's legacy continues.


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