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Boy this reminds me of how I got started. I remember when I was a lowly IT Technician, the company I worked at had one Developer in charge of the entire company's software. By himself. Sure he liked bourbon and weed a bit more than he should have, but with his workload, I don't blame him. I had messed around with developing scripts and automation to help with my own functions at the help desk (a ridiculously heavy work load and minimal staff was kind of a recurring theme at this company). He got a look at some of the code I was storing on source control, which I shouldn't have been, and approached me to see if I wanted to help him out. He took every spare second he could to help teach me the fundamentals. I had 4 bosses, he had 2, none of them liked that we would take time away from our insurmountable work to talk shop and learn from each other, but he did it anyway. Fast forward to today and I still call him Sensei, though we've long since lost touch. That codebase was his child and it showed and I would not even be a programmer today if not for the excitement he showed to have found just one other person who was as excited about his baby as he was.

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Great story! Thanks for sharing!