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Nevertheless, Kaleigh Coded

kaleigh on March 05, 2020

I wanted to share how I got started in tech, despite being the only girl in MOST situations Early Beginnings🐣 I think the very first ti... [Read Full]
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Hey Kaleigh, I just wanted to let you know that you’re not the only girl here. 😊 But you know that already.

After reading your post, I see I started coding late (7th grade). In high school now, I’m still the only girl that writes code for the student website. Thankfully, I feel like part of a great community here.

Thanks so much for sharing your journey.


That's awesome Katie! Keep it up!! 🎉


Great article! Loved getting the history to! I admire that you’ve taken the step to set up women tech groups in every workplace. Every workplace can feel like a whole new battle as you try and assess whether the culture will let you fit in in. That’s remarkable. Good stuff!!


Ahh, I was a music performance major too...but didn't figure out I wanted to code until close to a decade later 😂


That's awesome! I'm starting to find more and more people who went from music to tech!

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