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FlatGA - Simplified Interface for Google Analytics

I want to introduce you my product, FlatGA, a simplified interface for Google Analytics. I used to build many small products, and look at Google Analytics to see the performance. I always wanted only high level metrics without the information overload GA gives you. One day, I decided to take advantage of Google Analytics API and built FlatGA using VueJS frontend and NodeJS backend.

We have launched the product today on ProductHunt,Product Hunt Page, do share your feedback there.

Some important features

  1. Ability to view the core metrics in a single page interface
  2. You can download top referral pages, & your top performing pages as CSV
  3. No information other than your public email/access token is saved. Every information is fetched in realtime from Google Analytics!

Feel free to let me know your feedback through My Twitter!

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Christian Lutz

I like it!
Looks very tidy and clean.

Which frontend framework do you use?

kambanthemaker profile image

Added that information on the footer. is the library!