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Java Socket Issues

Am having a serious problem in my java app... am writing a cyber billing app... everything is working very fine but when i have two clients connected, i can not send a message to the first client again... Why

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I might not have the solution but I would like to help you helping others to help you (ok sorry for the word play). When you ask for help on a problem that is specific to a language or piece of code try to give as much detail as you can (without revealing company secrets if it's the case :D).

For example, you say you have two clients connected: connected to what? Is it a custom protocol? Are you using a client server library? Which library? What error messages are you encountering? Did you try do debug?

It might be easier to find someone that can solve your issue if:

  • you clearly explain what the issue is, with examples of code and error message
  • write which libraries or frameworks you might be using (with, if it's possible, the versions)

Bonus points: if you can reduce the issue to the smallest reproducible piece of code you can think of that might help people even more.

If you put yourself in the shoes of who reads your request for help you can see that it might be really hard to come up with a solution not knowing anything about your issue except "sockets don't work" which I do understand because using raw sockets it's hard :-)

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Solomon Eseme

thanks alot for this