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As a fellow software developer, i strongly advise you to buy a real screen, mouse, and keyboard. Laptops are toys for children - not tools for professionals who care about their neck - or muscles and skeleton in general. Considering you like apple products you'd be best with some imac or whatever. I did the mistake of buying an imac seven years ago. The problem is that i had to to workouts to be able to carry it without risking injury. Comparing it to my wife's nuc and a flat panel display makes me sad every day. Also the price is really not the same.


Well, exactly the flexible and relaxing handling is one of the fundamental issues, why I choose Laptops.

Important is the seat, a place to put the device on and that it runs cool.

I love my Elitebook.


Yes it's important to be aware of your physical posture when working, so if you have a laptop you also need a separate keyboard, mouse and a laptop stand. I also have an extra monitor connected to my laptop. I really don't see the need for an iMac or other kind of static desktop computer.

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