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Discussion on: What apps do you use for development?

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Karan Gandhi

Oh boy.... I love this kind of posts.
For OS I use Windows 10, Linux Mint 19, MX Linux 19.1 , MacOS. I had Windows 7 till it's EOL this year. I have one partition for distrohopping so I try lot of dem distros. But for work it's usually Mint cos I am using it for quite some time. The kernels on work are usually LTS versions latest. On testing I like Xanmod. I had some issues with liquorix and was too lazy to debug.

For IDEs I use VS Code , Notepad++ ,Android Studio ,X-Code, SublimeText. I used Atom,Eclipse and Netbeans in past.
I really like Paint.NET and thats my defacto editor but use GIMP on Linux.
Postman is really handy for testing and sharing APIs
I use every possible browser I guess. Chrome/Firefox/Brave/IE 5 & 6(don't ask)/Edge/Chromium.
Languages , it's odd to explain . It is really dependent on project in hand.
Usually I do JavaScript but I can do RubyOnRails & PHP. Java/Obj-C comes handy if I want to build native apps.

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hehe - same ;)
"Oh boy.... I love this kind of posts."