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Introducting Global Thumbnail - Weekend Project #0

Get Video Thumbnails

I recently faced an issue where I had to get YouTube and/or Vimeo video Thumbnails, so naturally, I did what many devs do, search an npm package, but I did not get any good results or the results were not up to my mark.

So, I started from scratch to build that functionality and in a week I was successful. I made the exact thing I wanted.

Get thumbnails easily

Who needs thumbnails, right? but sometimes you do need them. One day I was telling this thing I made to my friend @thisisdg (Dhruv), and Dhruv jokingly told me to publish an npm package, because many might need it, so thanks to his idea I made this package (still not sure if it works in production)

Check it out here and here

Try it out npm i yt-vimeo-thumbnail and let me know, how can I improve!

So what's next? Well although this is a very basic package, I got to learn a lot of things. I need to get things in order. This is really a hacky project and I get time on weekends only but looking forward to learning new things like this.

Let me know in the comment section how did you like the package and what other small packages I can make out of small problems!

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