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I read a lot of technical books when I was starting programming and usually it was really boring. I thought that reading a book from cover to cover will make me confident to say "I know languange N".

It's not.

For me the best results are achieved when there is a perfect mix of theory and practice. When there is a new field to learn, I try to start with small practical steps. When I hit a wall because of lack of knowledge, I search for answers and tutorials to solve my practical problem. With next practice task the loop repeats. With every round I get more practical experience and theory knowledge.
I think your feelings should be the guiding star in learning process.

Enjoy reading a technical book? Go ahead!

Is it boring to read? Screw it! Do some practice work instead.

Frustrated with finding a solution to a problem? Go read some theory to fill the gaps.


Totally agree on adjusting your plan and switching learning styles while you're learning.

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