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Karthik Pariti
Karthik Pariti

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The fundamentality of building projects and how is it useful in the overall development

If you have read my previous article, which was about Why you should not work on projects, you might be a bit uneasy seeing the title of this article, because, in a sense, both of them are quite the opposite in regard to building projects.

But why? As they say, a coin has 2 sides associated with it. The same applies to building projects. Hence I decided to explore both the facets of this concept.

So, if you were convinced not to build projects from the previous article, maybe this one convinces you to do the contrary.

Let's get started!

Let's get started

In the previous article, I've described the hardships, difficulties, and hurdles during project development. But as I previously said, there is also another facet to this.

There are not only disadvantages and problems regarding project development, there are many advantages and enriching aspects. This article elaborates and details these positive instances about projects.

  • Projects enrich creativity -
    When you think of ideas for projects, you are utilizing your creative skills. We all know how important creative skills are. Your projects signify how creative you are. But that is not an end to it. Building projects frequently enrich your creativity, leading you to perform better.

  • Projects comprehend teamwork -
    Developing projects with a group comprehends teamwork, communication skills, coordination with others and makes you compatible with team members. These skills are known to be extremely important and vital in workplaces.

  • Projects nourish vital skills -
    Projects enrich skills like problem-solving skills, and project-specific skills, and so on. Almost everyone is familiar with this point that projects improve the existing skills as well as develop new ones during the process.

  • Projects make you curious -
    Being curious is very advantageous for nourishing the mindset of people to always question their surroundings, learn from what they do, and self-derive answers from their questions. Curiosity is vital for a critical thinking approach.

  • You build confidence in yourself -
    When you build your project you are confident of yourself, about your skills and are further motivated to keep progressing.

  • You learn how to manage your surroundings -
    Project management is an essential factor that needs to be taken care of while making a specific project. While managing your project, you also learn how to be organized, plan in advance, etc. In the process, you also learn to manage other parts of your life more efficiently than before without problems.

So these were some of the advantages/pros of building projects. Note that these aren't the end to the positive side of building projects.

But one thing that I've observed to be common among people building projects is that they abandon their current projects in the process of building itself and move on to new ones, this creates a virtuous cycle where you do not focus on one thing and always look for alternatives.

This in the long term leads to major commitment issues where your lack the important trait of being committed to what you do and always abandon your responsibilities halfway through itself.

It's completely normal when you think that you don't feel the same interest as before about a specific thing, this may lead to not achieving anything at all in the epilogue.

So how do you overcome this? Just keep faith in what you do. Even if you think you don't have the same enthusiasm as you did before, but you still know that what you did until now ran for a good cause. This must become the motivation for you to progress in what you do. But if you think your idea isn't valid anymore or it doesn't apply to anything anymore, maybe abandoning it is for the good.

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