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🥁Cloud 66 Prepress - Build and deploy Jamstack sites on your own cloud!

We are happy to announce a release of a new product at Cloud 66, called Cloud 66 Prepress.

Prepress allows you to benefit from the power of the Jamstack without being locked into a proprietary infrastructure solution. Your application is hosted on your own object storage via your own cloud account. We took the advantage of Cloud 66's existing DevOps tools and features, extending them to static site builders.

Prepress generates static web sites (Jamstack) based on the automatically detected framework with full logs and deploys them to your own cloud. If you have a website, blog, or shop built with Jekyll, Gatsby, or Hugo, you can use Prepress to deploy it to your own AWS account.

How it works?

Without Prepress

Without Prepress, to host a static site built with Jekyll, Hugo or Gatsby you need to do the following:

  1. Build the static assets by running the tool.
  2. Create an AWS S3 (or similar) object store and upload the assets to it.
  3. Configure the storage and the files for public (or private) access.
  4. Setup conventions like redirecting / to /index.html on the storage.
  5. Configure a CDN like Cloudfront to point to your site if you need SSL (HTTPS) support.

With every iteration of your site, you then need to upload the new files, set the access rights and invalidate the CDN caches.

With Prepress

Prepress takes care of all of this for you, and much more, in 3 steps:

  1. Connect your git repo
  2. Connect your AWS account
  3. Press Go!

Today's release is our first step towards making hosting static sites developer-friendly, but we are far from done. We have a packed calendar of Prepress feature releases including supporting more cloud providers, more frameworks, and adding many of the other DevOps features that static sites benefit from most.

Watch 2 mins demo on Cloud 66 Prepress

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