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Josh Kasuboski
Josh Kasuboski

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Generate your Resume with GitHub Actions

My Workflow

I made a workflow that generates my resume from a jsonresume file. I update the resume.json file and the workflow will generate an html and pdf version of my resume. It also deploys the new version of my resume to my personal site.

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This workflow will keep your resume up to date anywhere you need it. It's definitely a DIY Deployment.

Yaml File or Link to Code

My resume repo.

GitHub logo kasuboski / resume

A resume schema file with generated outputs


Current generation steps

  • Edit resume.json or hack/resume.html.tmpl for data or template changes
  • Create html with go run hack/template.go
  • Get pdf from browser (or use workflow)


This repo has a GitHub Actions workflow that will generate the html and pdf versions of resume.json. It will also create a release and update my personal site when a tag is pushed.

Template repo to generate your own.

GitHub logo kasuboski / resume-template

A template to generate your Resume using json and a go template


A template to generate your Resume using json and a go template


  • Fill out your resume.json
  • Edit hack/resume.html.tmpl
  • go run hack/template.go

Releasing your resume

  • git tag my-resume-version
  • git push origin --tags
  • Resume HTML and PDF will be on the releases page



Change the badge links to be your repo

You can see a working version at kasuboski/resume. That repo also updates a hugo site with the generated files.

Additional Resources / Info

The workflow uses a variety of previously available actions.
fifsky/html-to-pdf-action for pdf generation
actions/upload-artifact to add the html and pdf as build artifacts
softprops/action-gh-release to create a release with the files

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