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Josh Kasuboski

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My Workflow

I made a GitHub Action that pulls stats from the API. It currently just counts the total comments, page views, and reactions across all of your published articles.

I'm currently using the action to periodically collect the stats and save them in a repo under stats/dev-to.json.

Submission Category:

This is a Wacky Wildcard entry, but it's fun to collect stats 😉.

Yaml File or Link to Code

It's a Typescript Action. Creating it from the template was fairly straightforward. Figuring out how to run it locally was a little rough.

GitHub logo kasuboski / dev-to-stats-action

A GitHub Action to grab your stats stats-action status

Get the Article Stats from

name: Get Stats
    - cron: "*/30 * * * *"

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    name: Get Stats from
    - uses: kasuboski/dev-to-stats-action@v1
        apiKey: ${{ secrets.API_KEY }}

You need to add a API Key as a secret. You can find instructions to get one at

The action will output a file at dev-to-stats/stats.json by default, but can be configured with the outFile input. The file should look something like below:


The repo where my stats are being aggregated.

GitHub logo kasuboski / stats

A collection of stats

stats 📈

A collection of stats pulled from other sources. Currently, it's just for

You can find the stats in the stats folder.

Additional Resources / Info

My workflow uses this action to push changed files back to the repo

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