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Weekly 004


I started the day to cleanup my PC: removed unuseful files from the desktop, update Windows and Tools.
Then I started to fix a GitHub Actions for Oscar (one of my startup project).
I will come on it in the next days.
In the morning I did a call with my colleagues because we need to implement a cool feature for tagging devices on Azure with Microsoft Graph API.
I need to make some research on it, but it should be possible.

In the morning I also updated the Red Origin installation for a customer. It would be great if we can automate this part in the near future.

In the afternoon I implemented a new feature on Red Origin to display the domains configured on Azure for a specific tenant.

At the end of the day I answer to a request for a customer: they want to create an uploader for Azure Blob Storage. It should be a chance to work a little bit with React, again, after a while.
I would like to implement the solution with React as frontend and ASP.NET Core 6 as backend.

During the afternoon I also wrote a blog post about my expierience with the headphones Sennheiser HD450BT:


In the morning I have implemented a new feature on Red Origin.
I added a page with the Microsoft 365 services status for a specific tenant.
I have worked to some bugs and refactoring activities as well.

I have published a new article on my blog about a new service on Azure called Azure App Configuration.
To be more specific about the Feature Flags and how to use them in a Blazor Application:

In the afternoon I did a short call to talk about a new small project for a customer.
I think I will implement the solution with an Azure Static Web App (React + Azure Function as backend).


Today I felt tired, especially from the mental point of view.
I started the morning very slowly and I postponed the recording video for LinkedIn to the afternoon, after lunch.


I wrote two blog posts about Blazor and Azure AD Security.

Image description

The first one is about to use Azure AD Directory to authenticate to a web application based on Blazor WebAssembly hosted by an ASP.NET Core application:

The second one is an extension of the first post because it’s an addition to work with Azure AD roles as well:

I have created a series about this topic and I will share some other examples in the next posts:

During the day I work on Red Origin, as always, just to remove some bugs and nothing really fancy.


I started the Friday morning to continue to work on Red Origin and over the lunch I delivered a session to the Italian DotNetConf about the same topic of my two latest blog posts.
This is the reason why I posted two articles in the same day.
They are a kind of summary of my session.

You can find a timelapse of my session on Twitter:

I finished the day with a depressive call for our startup (Oscar).
It's not easy to talk with advisors and investors.

It was not a good thing to close the working week. :)

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