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Well, I came to this post only because of puffins so I'd say the photo works ;)

Also, you seem to have pretty cool recruitment process and I envy you this - compared to what I usually experience ("hey, we have 3 candidates and we HAVE to hire two of them").

However, I would not necessarily agree with corner cases mistake. It is important in real life, however in a stressful situation such as job interview I think it's better to leave them out. If not, it usually ends up in getting in too many details and losing the big picture. This is only my experience though and our mileage may vary.


Also happy you liked my puffins :))


I see your point about too many details. Maybe if you suspect it's going to take long, it is worth asking the interviewers if they want you to list them and/or to work around them? This way you'll show your ability to think about them, even if they say to leave them out.

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