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Kavin Desi Valli
Kavin Desi Valli

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My attempt at creating a unique portfolio website!

I created my portfolio website a few months ago and tried to make it as unique as possible and came up with the idea of a terminal based website. You can find it here. It takes in a command (you can list all commands you can use by typing help and then typing the command) and displays an output much like a proper terminal. I used HTML, CSS, and Vanilla Javascript which I regret sometimes because of how hard it is to maintain now. I might add Parcel later to make it easier to bundle the code. But for now it's how it is and you can find the code in the Github Repo below!

Update (26/10/2021): The website is now made using NextJS

Oh, there is also a normal mode on the website if you don't want to use the terminal mode. I'll love some feedback on the website and drop your portfolio links below too!

I also later created a normal design website which can be found here and the code for that is in this repo:

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First (terminal) website is super cool :)