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Discussion on: First Ever DEV Contest: Build a Realtime App with Pusher

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K • Edited

Sounds cool.

So the constraints are using the channels API and not the chat/editor stuff.

And iff I got this correctly after reading the docs, the constraints of this API are:

  • 100 connections max
  • 200k msgs/day for all events
    • the delivered msgs are counted here, not the published ones
    • 10 connections * 1 msg published == 10 msg delivered

  • 10 msgs/sec for client events

  • 10 KB/msg
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Peter Mbanugo

I think 10 connections * 1 message = 11 messages in total

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Ah, right.

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Ben Halpern

I believe the 100 connections is specifically for the presence channels. I don't think that's a constraint on other uses of the product. But we'll get more of the Pusher folks in here to clarify anything.

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Zan Markan

Correct - for the submissions to qualify the projects need to use Channels.

Of course, you are free to use any other APIs or services as well - and that includes Pusher products :)

And regarding the limits in the free/sandbox tier:

The rest is correct