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re: I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that? For example, I wrote this article (my first about Key Values!) and then submitted here in dev.to. I w...

okay, I thought you maybe spoke personally with some Journalist or something

I did. He reached out to me over Twitter after seeing Key Values on Hacker News.

Ah okay. HN is always a bit like playing the lottery he he.

I'd say it's like Settlers of Catan. There's both luck and strategy! haha

This article had some luck for sure. I actually posted it on HN yesterday, but it died quickly. But today, for whatever reason, it got traction and did really well!

In terms of strategy, I'm currently thinking of topics and articles that would appeal to the HN community. I'm tailoring pieces for that audience. Topics like "company culture" or "how people find jobs" will almost certainly be torn apart (or invisible) on HN.

However, a discussion on the metrics I've collect (what values do HN readers select on Key Values the most, are there trends based on the user's city and country?) might do better.

If you know your audience, you should tailor your content/marketing to them rather than the other way around. It's not a guarantee, but it will certainly increase your chances of doing well.

This makes me want to write a bit on this subject, @kayis , though I need to gather my thoughts. I will say that Settlers of Catan is much more strategy than luck though!

Settlers and Catan and Hacker News are both more strategy than luck if you ask me!

That's what I always want to believe.

But most startup things feel like pure luck to me.

I want to do my own but it feels like a black box and I fear it.

I need to write a post on this subject. I don't think typical advice on this subject speaks practically to developers. 😋

This would be pretty awesome!

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