React Native: Lessons Learned

K on May 14, 2017

This month I started a mobile app project. Why? I'm a Web developer since 2006 and avoided getting involved in this whole "native app development" ... [Read Full]
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience, it has been life-changing from the point of view that your hard-won insights will probably save my partner and I tens of hours of learning and development time. I just started with CRNA two days ago and your piece has provided a much needed course correction.


This experience report is super useful, thanks so much! Sorry you ran into problems with ejecting and CRNA, I created a GitHub issue for the vector icons issue. The code for setting up the plists in the eject process comes from the react-native-cli tool that's part of RN, but I'd be very happy to file an issue upstream and try to resolve it if you have more details about what exactly was broken when creating the iOS project.

Totally agree that fastlane is awesome, a lot of our build service is powered by those tools.


what is the difference between CRNA and Expo? which one should I use?


CRNA uses Expo under the hood, but it's faster to get started with, doesn't need a user account, and doesn't rely on any of Expo's backend services.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience.
I started to learn React native yesterday. CRNA and Building project from native code made me confusing where to go.
Now it's clear for me where to go and how to go.

Thanks again.


I got into React Native early on and then moved on to some other stuff. It's great to see how far the tooling and bridges have come since early on.


They are far from perfect, but I found all I needed and got working rather fast. At the moment I'm happy, but I'll wait praising RN till I got the app in the store and happy customers :D


I really think React Native has the right idea and I'd definitely bet on it. Unless something comes along that's way better, RN should win the tooling game soon enough. Too many benefits of the web-dev style of working.


Aspiring developer. Good info to know prior to putting in work.


Hi, nice article you have written, kudos.

Have you written about beta testing and automation react native apps, that would be awesome.


I didn't test with many users at the moment so I don't need automation.

Currently I'm createing two apps, both iOS, and just distribute them via Expo or OTA (


Some day's ago I tried CRNA and afterward, I tried to build my CRNA project with Expo it gives me a big size of APK which is for android. I felt really bad for that... it's immature just.


Yes, it's rather big, but I read that the file created is much bigger than the file the users download from the app/play store later.


happy to see this after 2 days starting RN and struggling with Expo & Eject. Lovely.


Hehe, yes it's a struggle.

I try to avoid ejecting as long as possible and since Expo gets new native module every release it's getting easier :)

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