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Updated my React UI Kits Post

My React UI Kits post is still the most viewed post I've ever written, so I thought it would be appropriate to update the numbers a bit.

I didn't have the time to search for new UI kits, though. If you think an awesome UI Kit is missing: Tell me in the comments!

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Sunny Golovine

Pretty comprehensive list. I would suggest those who read your article and are looking for a UI framework also consider CSS frameworks like TailwindCSS and Bulma. My personal favorite from your list though is Semantic UI. For me the major selling point of Semantic is it's maturity and stability. I found that I can build UI's much quicker in Semantic than say Bootstrap or Material UI.

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Yes, CSS frameworks, especially the ones you mentioned, are very useful.

Aren't there even UI kits for Tailwind and Bulma?